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10th November 2015

We are celebrating 20 years of exploring movement and movement control.

Research in this area is rapidly accelerating and it is exciting to see the research backing up key principles.

Our accumulative experience and research has led us define the three critical parameters of testing movement control:

SITE, DIRECTION & THRESHOLD™: Movement Analysis that we use in our Performance Matrix and Kinetic Control screening and assessment test batteries.

We introduced these terms in 2006 and they are the cornerstone of our movement and performance assessment processes.

Finding Movement Faults

The picture below illustrates the profile report produced by our online movement analysis system. The report defines the SITE, DIRECTION & THRESHOLD™ (site (e.g. hip), direction (e.g. flexion) and threshold (high or low)) of uncontrolled movement and illustrates the movement impairment.

Analysing the Report

In consultation with clients and athletes we explore their desired state and work towards matching these goal with the report. This involves prioritising the movement impairments, SITE, DIRECTION & THRESHOLD™ to the desired outcome in best possible way.

Movement Retraining

The Performance Matrix Online Exercise Catalogue - a vast library of movement exercises specifically designed by our team to match the profile report of your client, patient or athlete. These movement retraining strategies are designed for both for alignment and co-ordination (low threshold) and strength and speed (high threshold) and are orientated to a sports and multi-joint environment. Retraining strategies are categorised by SITE, DIRECTION & THRESHOLD™


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