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21st September 2015

A 2015 perspective

No matter where you look across the differing movement disciplines there is a lot of talk about movement right now. It seems movement matters, an ability to be highly valued, a familiar concept to those well acquainted with the Kinetic Control system. Despite the volume of discussion in physical therapy and other domains the question remains, what does movement health mean in 2015?

This year the KCMT day tackles this subject head on, bringing KC founders Mark Comerford and Sarah Mottram to the table to explore current interpretations of movement and its management. The theme of placing movement at the heart of physiotherapy will be central, a topical issue as more therapists look for structured routes to working with as opposed to on their patients.

One perspective is that Movement Health is about supplying choice- choice to the patient in how they move and how they choose to look after their movement across their lifespan. It’s also about putting choice in to the hands of therapists – your hands can be used for manual therapy or to guide a patient through a new retraining approach; both options are accessible if movement becomes part of our offering.

This year we also joined by our Head of Education and Performance Development Consultant, Lincoln Blandford who has written on the topic of Movement Health (McNeill & Blandford, 2015) , Injury Prevention & Movement Control Vol 1 & 2 (2014). He will be supplying a view on the Movement Health debate from the multi-joint, multi intensity assessment perspective of The Performance Matrix.

With regards to the value of movement – one last thought – what matters more - movement or what movement allows? Enjoy the current shape of Movement Health.


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