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5th April 2019

The World Health Organisation (WHO) make clear that universal health coverage is their primary goal. Simply put, WHO identify the importance of ensuring that everyone can obtain the care they need, when they need it, right in the heart of the community. They state, ‘quality health care is good for our health, good for economies and good for society. Let’s call on world leaders to make health for all a reality!’. In raising awareness of this desired outcome, the 7th of April has been designated #WorldHealthDay.

The preservation of the health of movement; a systemised approach

Closely aligned to the development and maintenance of health as a whole, is the role played by physical activity. The benefits of physical activity are widely known by the public and greatly championed by policy makers. Yet, this ‘magic bullet’ for so many ills, must be actioned through the movement system. Therefore, if we can look-after the movement system, an individual’s decision to become or remain physically active can become a reality and not be limited by a compromised state of function; the movement system must be monitored and preserved to enable all to be active.

The TPM system offers a route to manage the movement system for the long-term, facilitating the sustained health of the movement and enabling physical activity to be a part of everyday life. TPM represents the most revealing movement assessment, risk evaluation and movement retraining system available to any clinical practice or training facility; it’s a systemised tool to preserve the health of movement, which lies at the heart of physical activity.

‘Look after your movement, and your movement will look after you’

Although TPM was originally developed for elite level athletes and is currently used by those playing at the highest level within football, tennis, golf and other sports, movement matters to everyone; therefore, everyone can benefit from an improved state of Movement Health.

Under the broad range of clients who enjoy what TPM offers, are individuals who are focused on what has become termed as ‘wellness’. An interest in Yoga and Pilates appears central to this group and it is clear from the ever-increasing number of Yoga and Pilates retreats that this ‘movement’ is expanding. Keeping this group in good Movement Health perfectly align with their overall goals; the enjoyment of movement and what movement allows.

There is an increased awareness in the need to preserve Movement Health so as not only to remain independent in our later years but also to enjoy these years of out life; We have a saying which goes, ‘look after your movement and your movement will look after you’. Although applicable at any age, this seems to have ever more resonance once we reach certain milestone birthdays. Perhaps one day, there will a call for a Movement Health day; in fact, this is it. TPM looks after movement, so that movement can look after you.


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