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An Introduction To Kinetic Control

We're pleased to announce our new 4 hour e-learning module, 'An Introduction To Kinetic Control'. We have developed this module to provide those who are new to our education and approach with an accessible introduction to the principles and underpinning concepts of Kinetic Control.

In the module, CMS co-founder Mark Comerford explores and explains the Kinetic Control approach and applies his clinical expertise to two case studies. The e-learning module will cover topics including:

  • The concept of Movement Health

  • The relationship between relative flexibility/compliance and relative stiffness

  • The clinical reasoning process associated to the application of the KC principles

  • The relationship between muscle recruitment threshold and the presence of clinical presentations

  • Distinctions between muscles as rated by a muscle synergy role classification model

  • Principles of testing for loss of movement choices via cognitive movement control tests

  • Principles of testing muscle synergy recruitment efficiency and extensibility

  • Principles behind the retraining interventions linked to loss of movement choices

This module is a great overview to Kinetic Control concepts and principles, whether you are new to Kinetic Control or just looking to refresh your knowledge, delivered by someone who has played a crucial role in developing them.

To read more or purchase the e-learning, click here.


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