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The Performance Matrix: A Journey to Movement Health

In this article, we offer a little background on The Performance Matrix (TPM) system.

What Is TPM?

TPM is a clinic ready movement assessment and retraining tool for clinicians and sports professionals. It comprises a variety of testing and retraining tools, grouped into 'Matrices', as well as a robust programme of education to help you deploy the system successfully. We offer two versions of TPM, TPM Pro and TPM Express, and explain the difference between the two here. We also provide a specialst, consultancy-driven version of TPM for elite sport, TPM Elite.

What Is TPM Used For?

TPM is used by a variety of professionals in the clinical and sports space, including clinics across the world, from New York to India and elite sports teams, including the top flight of English football and PGA golf. The goals these professionals are looking to achieve are equally diverse, as movement touches every part of a person's life.

TPM has been used to help athletes at the height of their careers to achieve peak performance and it has also been used by those with health issues to achieve goals like maintaining their independence and even helping a parent to pick up their young child.

The versatile screening tools within TPM open upon a range of possibilities.

Why Was TPM Developed?

TPM is built on the same movement science frameworks and principles as our Kinetic Control education series. These have been developed on not only based on an extensive collection of research but also on years of clinical mileage in private practice and elite sport. The team behind TPM have contributed to the development of the concept of Movement Health, both within the world of academic journals but also within key clinical texts (Elsevier)

TPM was developed by CMS' founders, Mark Comerford and Sarah Mottram. While teaching Kinetic Control, they recognised the need for clinicians to be able to rapidly deploy these principles in their practice, assisted by the potential that modern technology has to offer, and TPM was born.

From the outset, TPM was more than just a piece of software. It is a technology, a framework, and a set of principles helping steer practitioners through the complex challenge of managing movement. We believe that this combination provides practitioners with a powerful toolkit for managing movement.


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