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Why Movement Health? The Health of Movement Matters

The health of movement matters. Many clinicians align with such a perspective. The evidence suggests that the way we move is affected by many factors; pain, injury, fatigue, and restrictions which are inherent in life, aging, and in sport & occupational demands can also potentially influence what we see as movement patterns. In accord with both practitioners’ view and the weight of the literature, we have developed a model of movement management to help find long-term solutions to the everyday challenges that act as barriers between clients and their goals. Whether recovering from injury or working towards a performance personal best, The Performance Matrix (TPM) identifies individual development opportunities for a personalised retraining programme. Our movement evaluation and retraining blends functional biomechanics and neuroscience research for the best current practice. With more than 25 years of experience of putting science into practice, our framework gives clinicians and coaches the expertise to develop robust movement systems. We have a passion for teaching the world’s best movement specialists to empower everyone to move the ‘best’ they can. The Performance Matrix is not only a tool and a framework to support long-term Movement Health but is a set of principles that help guide practitioners though their day; this combination means there is also a place to start with any client, and always a route to follow, ensuring nothing is missed out along the way. We offer two solutions for clinicians, TPM Pro, our most complete version of TPM, and TPM Express, a lighter version which is ideal for quick screening and telehealth.


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