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11th December 2017

Three clinics joined the TPM Pro Network as The Movement Health Solution course rolled in to the beautiful therapeutic and movement space that is KIMA, New York. Taking the total number of stateside TPM Pro clinics up to 4, these early adopters are capturing the first wave of Movement Health (TPM Pro style) in America. The training event took place 3-6th November 2107 and was attended by therapists from:

Tracey Vincel, Patricia Ladis, Stephanie Caudle and Kristine Gneiss

Joe Castelli

Leanne Reed and Amy Shortal

Now supporting their mission to deliver optimal health and physical wellbeing, the TPM system will enable these clinics to offer their clients long-term Movement Health.

The 4 days of the course (The Movement Health Solution) supporting the use of the analysis, retraining of movement and The Business of Movement was delivered by TPM's Head of Education, Lincoln Blandford. The education focused on using the TPM technology and new skill sets to assess and manage each patient/client very much as an individual including

· Movement Analysis

· Goal setting

· Movement Retraining

· Tracking improvements for targeted intervention

Optimising the health of their movement for a lifetime of activity, performance and participation.

'TPM fits into our clinic model and mission to restore and enhance the overall physical health, fitness and quality of life of our community. Not only do we plan on incorporating TPM into our rehab programs, it will also be useful to help bridge the gap from rehab focus to wellness focus. We aim to develop long term relationships with our patients/clients and as a clinic we have been looking for ways to incorporate more cash based, wellness services. We plan to develop and market a golf program using The Golf Matrix. As a small private practice we are always looking for things that will set us apart from the many other "cookie cutter" type of physical therapy practices around us.' Leanne Reed, Still Water Physical Therapy and Massage

Around the world, the ‘Movement movement’ continues to gain momentum. TPM Pro offers a systemised digital tool and clinical skillset to put future thinking clinics on the map.


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