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5th May 2016

The post below is a rough translation form the original post which can be read here in its original form (in Dutch) on Top Performance Delta's website

Top Performance Delta and TPM Active

Top Performance Delta in The Netherlands have been working with the Performance Matrix, offering the innovative testing and training system to clients as an efficient method to help them continue to be optimally fit. The system delivers a results-oriented treatment and / or training programme, Firstly the client’s body is carefully mapped to highlight any 'weak links'. Since you can only create a good and effective programme once you know exactly where the specific improvements of a person are required. The Performance Matrix is ​​the most specific test method in this field.

The Performance Matrix is effective across all sports

We use The Performance Matrix with many athletes who have to deal with recurring injuries for their performance to improve in an efficient manner. Runners, cyclists, footballers, tennis players, as well as less well known sports; for example Dorothee visited us at our Dordrecht clinic; Dorothee had to deal with a troublesome back problem which was affecting her ability to perform at her best in the field of sea kayaking.

Treatment Route

With Dorothee we implemented the Performance Matrix to get a good picture of specific 'weak links'. The results of the test show at a glance what the score (grade) was and what improvement was needed. Even if the complaint was mostly situated in the upper back, the test proved to show the 'weak link' clearly stuck in the lower back. It is very common for pain caused in a different region than the region where the pain is revealed. The Performance Matrix properly identified the weakness and allowed us to focus on this and draw up a suitable training programme. The exercises are taught under guidance and with a digital exercise programme, equipped with videos, you can also easily perform them at home.

Evaluation of the training programme

After 3-4 months, we re-enter The Performance Matrix test to measure progress and to adjust the training programme. Dorothee improved the score of the test with 9 points (on a scale of 50). With specific exercises for the lower back and shoulder blade region Dorothee got her symptoms under control.

Keeping fit for many people the most important goal in life. It allows us to carry out our hobbies including for many people the sports which contribute to our enjoyment, entertainment and well-being. The Performance Matrix is ​​a perfect way to find out where you sit physically and what improvements can be made in order to become and stay fit.

Curious about what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact our specialist physiotherapists. 076-8200255 or 0900-1221220

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