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Kinetic Control Online Is Here

We’re pleased to announce our recent launch of Kinetic Control Online, to continue to provide clinicians with world-class education even in these times when it has been difficult to travel. Kinetic Control Online takes the 25 years of movement research and practice that underpins Kinetic Control and applies it in a remote learning context, supported by our new training catalogue.

Our tutors have already delivered courses in English, Spanish and Chinese, with more soon to come. Here are how some of our tutors are getting on with KC Online:

Mark Comerford

As Comera Movement Science’s Technical Director, Mark has been delivering Kinetic Control Education for more than 25 years; however, his sessions have never quite looked like this before! To ensure that that world class movement education can still be shared across the world, Mark has constructed an efficient, hi-tech teaching environment. Mark has already delivered a number of successful courses and we’ve shared some pictures of ‘Mark’s Mission Control’ below:

Pablo Marinho

One of our tutors in Latin America, Pablo has been working alongside Camila Luttges and Carla Danielle Chagas to deliver Kinetic Control Online, to great success. His first two courses have been at full capacity and several more are on their way. Pablo’s courses have enabled him to easily teach students from across the region, including attendees from regions where organising face to face education can be difficult. Commenting on his experience with Kinetic Control Online, Pablo said:

“Kinetic Control Online is allowing more and more movement professionals from Latin America to reach our Education in Movement resources. Attendees from regions where face to face courses has not been possible for quite some time, usually for the travel cost involved, are now been able to uplift their skills and expertise in the movement health’s management. Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru are among the nationalities attending our online courses. It’s been a great success!”

If you’re interested in attending a Kinetic Control Online course, you can find our upcoming courses here. We’ll be continuously updating our offering as we roll out Kinetic Control Online to our wider tutor network. If you have any queries, get in touch at and we’d be happy to help.


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