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16th November 2015

Kinetic Control has a truly international following, and nowhere more so than in Poland, where tutor Professor Michal Hadala leads the teaching programme.

Early December sees tutor Michal Hadala of fizio-Sports, KC's partners in Poland, deliver a conference seminar:


4 - 6 December 2015, Katowice

Issues discussed during the seminar:

Associated with the current knowledge on: monitoring of training, modern trends in sports training, training prophylactic strategies during the return of the player after an injury to full training loads, methodology of shaping the speed and decisiveness on the example of team games.

A few days later on 11 December 2015 Michal will be delivering a KC workshop on the Low Back. Click here or on the image below to go the Fizio-Sport website for details on how to register

Michal Hadala PhD (Medicine & Sport Science), MSc (Advance PT), BSc (PT)

Michal is a Polish Physiotherapist and Sports Rehabilitator who has been trained both in Poland and Spain. After obtaining his Masters degree, he led the injury rehabilitation and physiotherapy unit of the South African America’s Cup National Yachting Team for three years in Valencia, Spain.

Click here for Michal's full biography


Courses taking place during this year and 2016 in Poland include:

Date: 17-20 December 2015 Modules: Concepts, Neck & Shoulder

Date: 14-17 January 2016 Modules: Concepts, Low Back

Date: 31 March-3 April 2016 Modules: Concepts, Hip & Lower Leg

Date: 3-5 November 2016 Modules: Thorax & Ribs Tutor KC's Mark Comerford

For full details on the content of all these courses please click the links, and for booking details enquire via the KC Book A Course tab or contact organiser Grzegorz Kuzdro directly on:

email: Mob: +48 535 002 686 / 515 120 001 (Poland)

Our internationally recognised assessment framework and retraining strategy offers a structured approach to help you optimise movement health. By implementing Kinetic Control, you will benefit from a system that is clinically proven to produce outstanding results. Comprehensively researched and supported by the latest understanding of movement impairment, you will be able to deliver quicker recovery rates, reduce recurrence of pain and enhance your patients’ quality of life.

You can also find links to some useful publications and articles via the fizio-sport website

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