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Putting Movement Into Current Working Practice

In our latest post, Sarah Mottram discusses how movement professionals can adapt to current working practices.

Personally, for me as a clinician, I have found the last few weeks challenging as I adapt to doing things differently. In particular, I have been exploring online consultations, something that has pushed the comfort zone but has also proved surprisingly rewarding for both me and my patients. Despite the current situation, there does seem to be a demand for online consultations for my colleagues too.

I have long valued movement to help patients reach their goals – whether managing pain and recurrence, improving performance or generally improving quality of life & participation. Movement has been a source of inspiration that has led me to teach, research and publish in this field.

Working with Comera Movement Science has allowed us to develop technology, frameworks, and tools in movement assessment & retraining for clinicians, the business and clients all over the world.

I have been in contact with a lot of UK -based and international colleagues. Yesterday I spoke with Jeannette Hoftjizer from I was inspired by how she has changed her practice, by utilising her movement skills. She has harnessed technology by using exercise catalogue videos to support clients and The Performance Matrix (TPM) software to identify risk. Her background in using the Kinetic Control clinical reasoning framework has given her the structure and framework for online assessment and management. These tools have set her up well to enhance Movement Health virtually.

Jeannette says:

I am building on my observation skills and they are hugely valuable at this time. I find I am focusing on one or so relevant detail in the clients and see and this directs me to be able to create movement programmes to target individual presentations. I am not relying on generic exercise programmes but applying principles of exercise design and delivery, allowing me to modify exercise to suit the client.

 Jeannette is clearly meeting the present challenge it was great with talk her. You can find out more about our tools, technology and frameworks here.


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