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Movement Science Practitioner Series for Health, Performance, Fitness & Pilates, Wellness & Holistic Practitioners

Comera Movement Science is announcing a new series of courses designed to help movement focused practitioners enhance their skills of observation and interpretation of the movement patterns and muscle synergies used by their clients and patients in function, exercise and performance.

This will enhance movement retraining design and delivery and give clients more robust movement and performance solutions to meet the demands of function, training and performance.

· Evaluating patterns, understanding muscle synergies and targeting movement efficiency to enhance performance and unlock potential

· Movement education for yourself and your clients. Targeted interventions to inspire, engage and empower; for work, performance and sport across the lifespan

· Individualised performance enhancement

Tools to reimagine every exercise to enhance your client’s movement, suppling robust work, sport and performance solutions, for all, across the lifespan

Course 1: Movement Fundamentals (pre-requisite)

This intensive two-day course supplies the skills and understanding to evaluate and change movement patterns and muscle synergies. These skills will allow you to interpret movement patterns and muscle synergy interactions so as to enhance the efficiency of each client’s performance.

This evidence-based course takes knowledge, skills and expertise applied in high performance and clinical settings to a wider audience in the health, fitness, wellness.

Connecting movement patterns to muscle synergies offers practical strategies to enhance movement efficiency which can transfer to function, training and performance.

By the end of this course attendees will be able to:

· Demonstrate an ability to observe and interpret patterns of movement linked to both efficient and inefficient use of muscle synergies

· Design and deliver strategies to enhance movement efficiency

· Practically apply a muscle efficiency classification model with any client in a wide range of training and movement environments

· Employ a reasoning framework to explore movement efficiency and build resilient Movement Health

· Explore the influence of factors on the dynamics of muscle synergy interactions (fatigue, load, previous injury, sustained alignments)

· Integrate skills of reading movement into professional practice

New Date: March 21st - 22nd 2019 at Total Therapy Studios, Horsham RH12 1JD

Price: £300 + VAT

For Physiotherapists, Medics & Sport Medicine Professionals, Movement Therapists, Sports & Rehab Therapists, Pilates Instructors, Personal Trainers, Strength & Conditioning and Sports Coaches.

Course 2: Connecting synergies for patterns in performance connecting upper region synergies (Dates to be released soon)


Course 3: Connecting synergies for patterns in performance connecting lower region synergies (Dates to be released soon)

Building on the fundamentals, these two-day courses will fine tune skills of pattern recognition, understanding muscle synergy interactions and delivery of individualised strategies. These courses supply a template of movement efficiency to apply to client programmes for robust work, sport and performance solutions.

These courses will focus on the practitioner’s ability to interpret and enhance movement efficiency of muscle synergies of the neck, shoulder and arm complex or pelvis, hip and lower leg.

Understanding Kinematic Patterns: designing and delivering enhanced movement efficiency retraining

Movement quality, alignment, range


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