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7th January 2012

The Performance Matrix has got even better!

Now available: An individual and team comparison system

The Foundation Matrix Movement & Performance Screen provides you with a detailed report of the site, direction and threshold of uncontrolled movement AND highlights the RISK of injury allowing you to design a specific training programme. Now you can compare screen results to monitor progress.

Here is an example of Devlin White's progress (individual comparison) - Junior Training Track Squad for the 2011 World Championships Cycling South Africa

“Performance Stability has taught me so much about my body, before seeing it for myself, I would never have believed that such simple exercises could do so much for my cycling”.

On 5/4/2011 Devlin was screened with The Foundation Matrix - his results were detailed in a report and his score was 29 / 50

Low Threshold results - first screen

High Threshold results - first screen

Report detailing the site and direction of weak links (uncontrolled movement) - Low Threshold.

Low threshold weak links relate to co-ordination and alignment issues

Report detailing the site and direction of weak links (uncontrolled movement) - High Threshold.

High threshold weak links relate to speed and strength issues

Following this report Devlin undertook a specific training programme designed to fix the low threshold and high threshold recruitment impairments.

His Movement and Performance Screen on 17/5/2011 scored 22/50 and on 21/6/2011 6/50 demonstrating marked improvement in Movement Efficiency

Percentage of Uncontrolled Movement Low Threshold - initial report

Percentage of Uncontrolled Movement - Low Threshold last report

These pie chart demonstrate the change in percent of uncontrolled movement (low threshold). Initially demonstrating 61% High Risk and 38% Assets (no weak links at a particular site) - following retraining the pie chart illustrates 5% High Risk and 83% assets.

Percentage of Uncontrolled Movement

The pie chart demonstrates the percentage of high risk uncontrolled movement (weak links) (red), the percentage of low risk uncontrolled movement (weak links) (amber) and the percentage of assets (green)

Similar pie charts illustrate the percentages for high threshold high risk, low risk and assets.

Movement Efficiency

Movement Efficiency of a Specific Site is detailed for both low threshold and high threshold


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