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4th November 2014

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has adopted ‘optimizing movement’ as its vision for physical therapy profession and advocates the movement system to be the core of physical therapist practice, education and research.

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Kinetic Control is promoting the professional identity of a physiotherapists with the concepts of movement system based assessment, diagnosis and management.

The professional identity of a physiotherapist in future will be defined by their ability to perform a movement system based assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Kinetic Control provides an evidence based process for the assessment and retraining of uncontrolled movement. This includes the ‘movement control tests’ and tests for motor control. Kinetic Control approach is a comprehensive framework of movement control assessment and treatment that enables the therapists to assess, diagnose, classify and retrain uncontrolled movement to manage pain, improve function, correct impairments and prevent recurrence.


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