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21st June 2017

Prime Time for Movement Specialists

TPM Pro clinics have long been home to Movement Specialists- now, it seems, a wider audience is tuning in to movement assessment and retraining for health and movement wellness.

An episode of back pain highlights the value of movement

In line with the greater focus now placed upon the role of physical activity in managing low back pain (LBP), a recent episode of BBC One’s ‘Doctor in the House’ put movement and the role of movement specialists centre stage. However, why is such a story primetime viewing? Back pain is big news. Just to recap the scale of the problem, within the UK alone, 10 million work days are lost a year from LBP, placing a 12-billion-pound burden upon the economy. As 80% of the population are likely to experience LBP at some point in their lives, it’s clear there’s a large audience for the value of movement message.

Movement goes mainstream? The bigger picture

That the main stream media is catching up with the ‘movement movement’ and the role of the movement specialist in the fight against LBP is a welcome development yet, one long overdue. Movement specialists, such as those operating within TPM Pro clinics, have been assessing and retraining risk associated movement for years, managing their clients’ goals rather just attending to their back issues. Movement can be bigger than just dealing with pain.

Protect your movement to stay clear of LBP?

As the worrying figures above suggest, prevention is surely key to reducing both the economic and social impact of LBP. Here is where TPM Pro offers a smarter option. In the same way a dentist supports their patients’ dental health, TPM Pro movement specialists help their clients to maintain the health of their movement – what TPM Pro calls, ‘Movement Health’ (McNeill & Blandford, 2015).

Movement is special

Regular movement assessment and highly specific retraining can help keep not only back pain at bay but allow people to live the lives they choose. Rather than being constrained by their movement, individuals can use movement as a vehicle to achieve, to sustain health, to be fulfilled. Indeed, movement is special. Movement Specialists can help you help find out why.

TPM is available from a growing global network of TPM Movement Specialists.


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