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7th November 2017

3rd November saw our latest TPM Network day, hosted in London by Body Logic Health. This network event is open to all TPM Pro clinics.

The aim of this event is for TPM Pro users to support and share their successes and provide a forum to help them grow their business and to support others within the TPM Pro and TPM Active brands.

The focus of the day was running – both from a business and technical perspective.

Andy Hosgood explored a workshop on how to focus marketing towards attracting runners. He explored some key elements in setting up a campaign to promote TPM Active: The measure of success, target market, market offerings, ideal persona and business development cycle.

At the end of the day he facilitated a session, developing a plan – Being up and TPM Active Running and reviewed some key elements to take back to the clinic for some focused marketing.

Sarah Mottram presented some key messaging for TPM Active, and using the brand to build trust

TPM Active: Bring better resilience to movement efficiency

Paul Goss, of Body Logic Health, led the technical aspects of the day - UNDERSTAND & EVALUATE THE MOVEMENT OF RUNNING with 3 hours on running issues with a focus on prioritising what is important for each individual runner:

· movement retraining

· technique

· performance

The workshop discussions started with analysis of running technique on a treadmill, exploring 9 different running types e.g. The Bouncer, Shuffle Runner and The Forward Leaner.

The group discussed key characteristics and injury risk for each type. Each of the 10 cases studies have had their movement analysed with TPM's The Running Matrix. Reasoning through the running analysis, movement analysis report – detailed in terms of site, direction and threshold of movement efficiency and individual goals and situation gave way to a very informative discussion on what might we do first: movement training, technique coaching or training for performance.

“Great network day at Body Logic Health! Great, because it covered both the ‘business’ of applying movement into our businesses as well as technical therapeutic information, an unusual mix for a physiotherapy related training day but both aspects fulfilled needs within my own practice.

On the business side of things - understanding marketing and the clients journey as well as the engagement, and alongside aims of both my website and social media that Andy Hosgood presented will help me when I prepare my new website content. Paul Goss presented elements from his ‘Running assessment’ which was new for me and will help me manage other runners I see.

Getting to see what Paul looks at when he’s assessing a runner, combined with his view on interpreting the TPM report was a very useful exercise. Andy and Paul’s valuable information, freely shared among network members! Makes me feel I’m part of the Team, looking at the cutting edge of contemporary practice, where success in business and success with clients goes hand in hand with helping the world move better.”

Warrick McNeil Physioworks London

Thanks to Andy Hosgood, Paul Goss and Sarah Mottram for a great network event. Really great to meet a and talk to like minded therapist from across the country to learn some excellent clinical knowledge and share ideas to help drive our business and the TPM brand forward.


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