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Movement Assessment and Retraining in the Telehealth Environment

In our latest article, Sarah Mottram explores the potential for telehealth in the current environment:

Most therapists, like me, are having to adapt their practice in these current times. Many of us are exploring telehealth as a means of continuing our consultations and helping our patients and clients manage their pain and recurrence of symptoms, improve performance and manage risk and maintain and improve quality of life.

We all face big challenges restructuring our work practice and delivering remote consultations is one of them. Many of my colleagues have been in touch wanting a simple framework so they can interpret movement in a client-focused consultation.

In response, we have created an online module to help therapists structure the movement element of their online assessments and to devise person-specific retraining. I am finding engaging with clients and patients online is very positive and a structure gives a flow to the consultation. Building a rapport around meaningful goals really helps with client compliance and understanding.

I believe that, as we emerge from the current situation, telehealth will continue to be part of our practice and we may find it helps us expand our potential client base and engagement.

About the course: Movement Education for Telehealth, Fitness and Wellness

This module gives practitioners a toolkit and framework for using the digital space to assess individuals' movement based on their presentation and deliver interventions that change clinical and performance outcomes. This means that you can support clients wherever they are in the world and even if a face-to-face session is not possible.

From Comera Movement Science - CMS champions education in and application of evidence-based principles, frameworks, and technology for movement assessment and retraining to attain and maintain quality of life. Our new telehealth course has been developed with the current challenges in mind. We have applied the 25 years of research and practice that underpins everything CMS does to the telehealth space in order to create a toolkit for practitioners to excel.

Please get in touch if you have any queries.


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