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6th July 2015

Things change. Fast. In sport, the best players see these changes earlier, develop a strategy and capitalise on opportunity.

What do they see? A formation change, a change in technique, the effects of fatigue, the angle of a ball. They see a movement or a lack of it, but they are the first to know and the first to react.

When movement is your business there is this need for sensitivity, a touch, an eye that requires years of development, one significant difference between the amateur and the pro. A sense of ‘what’ and ‘when’ separates winning from losing. For both the athlete and clinician, awareness of movement and the sense of feeling a change are high on the priority list.

The Business of Movement also means something else. For clinic owners, typically leaders of others, business means responsibility but it’s also a desire, a drive. When movement is the motivator a business can blend its passions; the elation of success, through delivery of what matters; movement and movement health.

Cultural shifts are happening but noticing when this movement starts, when the pendulum is changing demands attention, business acumen, foresight, confidence. Sensing the shift lands you on pole.

When movement is your business it’s great to lead and not follow

TPM Pro offers a complete package to take clients from pain to performance in your clinic

TPM Pro provides:

o The finest resolution on online movement analysis,

o The Performance Solution (comprehensive education route),

o Extensive online retraining catalogue,

o Business support and marketing (including the brand TPM Pro Athlete & Active)

o And membership of the TPM global community


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