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28th March 2014

Here is a recent testimonial from Tim Janssen, a junior cyclist who was screened using The Cycling Matrix.

‘In my first season as junior (17-18 years old) I started pretty good with two top 20 ratings in international (UCI 1.1) Cyclocross races. But during the start of this season, winter 2013 – spring 2014, I developed a backache which kept me from performing well. Following some advice I’ve visited a chiropractor, who concluded a couple of ‘stuck’ vertebrae. After his treatment my results started to drop. I found that the power in my legs was gone, my back felt tired and I couldn’t accelerate quickly and going uphill where I needed to produce a lot of power while sitting my legs felt empty. After consulting Jacob Wijnsta we concluded that my core needed a lot of work.

This is when we did The Cycling Matrix screen where I got a look at the weak points of my core. The simple excercises I got from Jacob to do at home were really hard to complete. After this it all fell into place. During a couple of weeks we kept progressing the excercises, to keep on challenging the coordination of my trunk.

After just a couple of weeks I started to feel the power coming back during accelerating. This immediately resulted in a progression in the results of my races, but I could also train harder again to get stronger. One of the highlights was that I got selected for the European Championships cyclocross. After a really tough race on one of the hardest tracks I’ve ridden so far I finished 20th, what was a great result for me.

After three months the tired feeling of my lower back finally disapeared. Right now I’m completely painfree and stronger than ever. I’m still under supervision of Jacob, just to make sure my core keeps strong and well coördinated. Thanks to The Cycling Matrix I’ve learned to appreciate core excercises that and learned that doing them correctly isn’t as easy as it looks.’

Tim Janssen


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