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30th November 2012

KC tutor and Matrix trainer Antonis reported very positive feedback from his clinic A-Z Physiotherapy's sponsorship of the Cyprus 2012 Les Milles Anicancer Charity & the organisers agreed that the presence of The Performance Matrix offered an added value to the Festival this year, with more than 65 people being screened over two days.

Below is an excerpt from the Opening Speech at the ceremony:

Dear Participants of the Les Mills 2012 Pafos Anticancer Charity Festival!

We share the same passion for Fitness! We – as Health care professionals- see Fitness in a three-dimensional perspective : Physical, Emotional & Mental. Fitness has as fundamental prerequisite the Exercise. Exercise is a medicine and as such proper Exercise prescription is the ultimate therapeutic tool in our hands as Physiotherapists.

Exercise for Rehabilitation has to be targeted and specific! However, in order to ensure that we prescribe the correct exercise our customers/patients need to have undergone the appropriate Musculoskeletal Screening. In this way the weak links in the Kinetic chains of our body will be identified & highlighted so as the correct exercises to be prescribed!

Antonis went on to say:

That was all about our presence in the Les Mills Festival. To raise awareness in the public about - and in particularly Fitness people that exercise hence higher risk of injury due to exposure - the concept of Injury Prediction, Prediction & Elimination as this is internationally a hot research topic! Modern societies recognize the benefits of Exercise / Physical Activity to the aim of Public Health. The only risk of Exercise is the risk of sports injury. Proper Functional Screening has a role to play in order to keep you healthy and keep you exercising at high levels!

We at A-Z Physio Health have developed a special interest in the Musculoskeletal Screening for Sport Injury Prevention and Performance enhancement. We utilize different approaches in order to safeguard the best result for you! Stay injury free! We have trained our therapists in The Performance Matrix the most cutting edge approach to screening! At the end of your free/promotional screening you will receive the Report of the test that will be analysed & explained to you and advice regarding the priorities to the management of your weak links / uncontrolled movement will be provided!’’

Antonis & Aristos ( Chief Executive of Les Mills Cyprus)

Screening Movements

The Performance Matrix Festival Station

Antonis & Lefteris (Education Manager & Master Instructor Les Mills Cyprus)

Explaining the Report

Antonis & Anthia (Senior Pilates Instructor)

Analysing the Report


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