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There’s Something We'd Like To Express…

We've launched TPM Express, a new, lighter version of our TPM system. You can find it here on our LMS or read more below.

TPM unites the principles, reasoning frameworks, and technology developed within the Comera Movement Science team over the past 25 years. Designed for the highest level of US professional sport, The Performance Matrix (TPM) testing battery and software system offers elite-athlete grade movement evaluation, reporting, and retraining. More than decade on from its initial launch and first appearance within the scientific literature (Mottram & Comerford, 2008), the system has evolved in not only in clinical utility, catering for an ever-wider range of client groups but also in functionality, delivering greater versatility to the practitioner. Express yourself

We now introduce TPM Express, 8 short screens, comprised of 4 and 5 test matrices, offering clinicians and coaches the ability to apply the same high-resolution testing of TPM, but in just 15 minutes. Detailing not only the site and direction of the risk or performance compromising movement patterns, the system tests at either a low or high threshold of muscle recruitment, insight increasing retraining efficiency, both in terms of time and outcome. The system supports test re-test comparison, acting as an outcome measure of not only client improvement but as a benchmark to target in the case of injury. More than 15 sessions of eLearning support the integration and successful use of TPM, supplying insight on this evidence-based and clinical expertise-led approach and principles. A virtual reality

The system supports telehealth delivery, allowing testing and retaining to occur within the platform; a feature further enhanced by the express nature of the testing protocol. Feedback from practitioners alerted us to the need to support more diverse methods of testing, reporting, and retraining. TPM Express is the result of this input, accommodating new ways of managing movement, and especially, movement observed only through the medium of a monitor’.

You can watch our introduction to the TPM Express platform below:


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