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11th October 2016

Managing the human movement system is no trivial matter…

When it's performance or injury free participation that are at stake, the range of options available to those wanting a fix may seem endless; not to mention complicated. Thank goodness for TPM Active, the movement management service delivered by TPM Pro clinicians around the world. Wherever you see the TPM Active sign you can be sure your movement will be looked after and valued; this means it will be assessed, analysed and any issues that are found addressed. This is not just for elite performers and injury prevention in sport, this is for everyone. Key to TPM Active is the TPM Pro clinician.

Specialist subject? Movement

TPM Pro clinicians can keep us all confident that being active, performing well and performing better, are sustainable if we take care of our movement. Charged with tackling the complexity of the body and movement, these clinicians are typically many years down the line of some fairly serious education, in addition to accruing some significant clinical mileage along the way. And, it’s not only about the technical. Communication and clarity also count. The ability to easily convey the key information that makes the difference to the client has value. Choosing the ‘right’ words that help the client achieve their goals is also an acquired skill, gained through experience, practice and reflection. Each of these clinicians know movement matters. They also know what movement allows and the wider implications for all when movement is missing.

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