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7th December 2012

This e learning tool is a great revision tool for those who have attended any of the Kinetic Control courses. The concepts section is quite lengthy, outlining muscles functional roles, lasting nearly 30 minutes, before the specific role of trapezius is started. The presentation is at quite a pace with some elements presented less clearly than others. However, the ability to use the menu and dip in and out of, or revisit the various ‘chapters’ is excellent and allows the viewer to focus again on any elements that they are not clear about.

The anatomy, structure and function of trapezius in terms of both its global and local roles are explained and demonstrated clearly. Muscle recruitment timing, and changes related to pain and pathology are explained. Hearing once again the need to work with cognitive low threshold recruitment training to be effective in restoring normal neurophysiology in the presence of pain was a valuable reminder.

By the end of the presentation any confusion certainly had been ‘debugged’ in terms of past teaching and research, and the viewer should have a much better grasp of how trapezius relates to the cervical spine, shoulder girdle and thoracic function, have a good assessment tool and some clearly explained treatment strategies to work with.

I recommend this tool to everyone but with the caution that you may want to view some of the ‘chapters’ more than once!

Isobel Warnock

Chartered Physiotherapist


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