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4th December 2014

It’s great to finish the 3rd Performance Solution - an intensive course, part of The Performance Matrix Platform, giving participants the tools to manage movement.

Ville Pietilä, one of our Finnish students sends in his feedback........

First of all the course was really great.....

Tutors Sarah, Mark & Lincoln with Participants from the The Performace Solution

About The Performance Matrix:

My background is in physical therapy, manual therapy and occupational health and my physiotherapy background has influenced the way I think. That is, focussing on separate body parts depending what kind of priority the client presents with.

I have attended many different courses, covering different regions of the body and how to examine and manage for a particular problem. I have completed over different 20 courses in under two years and not one of them presents the 'whole story and whole body´s movement faults' but instead focuses on regions or pathologies. I have now realised that there is so much more to see and analyse when you assess the whole body´s movement performance.

What’s also really great is to step back a little from just treating and planning exercises, to thinking more about the client´s performance-based problems and goals that physical intervention could achieve. Of course I used to think of pathology based ways which has been funny because at the same time I give information to doctors daily in my workplace that there isn´t proven correlation between pathology and symptoms in musculoskeletal pain issues... I must say it has been a case of not seeing the wood for the trees. So, in short, the greatest thing this module did for me is to open up my perspective on physical and manual therapy.

About the course itself:

With a group of just five professional per course there was the opportunity for much more interaction between the tutors Sarah, Lincoln and Mark and participants. This course covers the broad perspective about managing individuals´ performance and movement faults. On the other hand subject is so broad that we can´t go through everything and there´s always the possibility to go deeper. Students came from different backgrounds and their baseline of knowledge is different. The tutors have managed to create a training module which gave enough to everyone. It is my experience that giving lectures is always a little challenging.


The course covered much of already familiar information about which I had little detail. The big thing for me was to get my treatment philosophy to change, and I thank you for that. The other great thing was the practical element and the chance to understand what I’m observing in the different tests and to speak with other people what they see and think. I´ll be returning soon for even more and my goal is to really absorb and learn how to see the different details in screening and relate them to performance.

Kim Prichard, local to Chichester, says a few words....

'Thank you for a fantastic course on the Performance Matrix , it has been an amazing 12 days!

All of you are inspirational in your knowledge and teaching . This course has convinced me that The Performance Matrix is able to provide the badly needed link to Better Movement health in all ages/ fitness levels and is the ultimate tool for athletes.'

About the Platform: Get on board and invest in....

· A licence for The Performance Matrix Movement & Performance Screen - access to use unique online movement assessment to identify movement faults (weak links detailed by site, direction and threshold (alignment & coordination or strength and speed deficits) - detailed client report

· The Performance Solution - 10 days to fine tune movement assessment and to revolutionise your movement coaching

· Online exercise catalogue - orientated to a sports and multi-joint environment, to complete your Performance Matrix toolbox. Design a client/athlete focussed exercise catalogue and training programme

· The Business Solution - to make the TPM work for you

Get in touch with us here if you'd like more details on The Performance Soltution or to book a place on a forthcoming module series

Modules dates for 2015/16 are:

o No 4: 5-8 Mar 2015, 17-19 Apr 2015, 10-12 July 2015

o No 5: 18-21 June 2015, 25-27 Sept 2015, 20-22 Nov 2015

o No 6: 17-20 Sept 2015, 6-8 Nov 2015, 22-24 Jan 2016


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