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Bringing CMS Online

As we discussed previously, e-learning can be a valuable supplement to face-to-face training or even provide a convenient alternative where face to face training is not practical. That’s why we’ve been putting together a variety of e-learning tools to enhance your access to, and experience of, CMS education. In this article, we’ll explore some of our online offerings, including our latest offering, Models to Manage Muscle Synergies:

Models to Manage Muscle Synergies: Mark Comerford & Lincoln Blandford

Research continues to explore the complexities presented by muscle synergies; investigations raising questions as to the management of muscle’s interactions within the clinical environment. In this two-part webinar, Mark Comerford presents the muscle classification model that supports the Kinetic Control and The Performance Matrix approaches. In a companion piece, Head of Education, Lincoln Blandford, appraises the process of classifying muscles by any criteria, a critique ultimately supporting the need for a systemised approach to dealing synergies within performance and clinical settings.

Comerford’s Classics

These webinars, featuring Mark Comerford, explore common issues which clinicians face during treatment. So far in the series, we have webinars dealing with management of issues with the hip flexors and with rotary impairments of the pelvis, hip, and knee. This webinar series draw on Mark’s extensive research and practicing experience to deliver a brief but insightful guide to the subject.

Mark Comerford’s Movement Solutions For Tendinopathy

In this two-part webinar series, Mark covers key clinical considerations surrounding tendinopathy. He proposes a differential diagnosis approach and explores clinical framework for movement assessment and retraining, exploring the concepts behind it and the practical application of these. This will provide clinicians with the tools they need to address clinical presentations of the upper and lower extremity. The series includes both theoretical content and practical demonstrations.

Demand-Share Approach Webinars With Steve Sparks

Featuring leading football physiotherapist Steve Sparks, these webinars apply a demand-share approach to managing the sustained health of the soleus and hamstring. Steve Sparks draws from his extensive experience of practice in the top flight of professional sport and is joined in these webinars by our Head of Education Lincoln Blandford.

Movement Science Practitioner Online

Movement Science Practitioner, or MSP, takes the research driven approach to movement that we’re known for and applies it to the fitness and wellness industry. The course takes a blended learning approach, featuring 8 hours of e-learning content and a 2 hour webinar, and will provide learners with a powerful toolkit they can use to empower their clients to improve performance, manage risk and improve quality of life .

Movement Education For Telehealth

Movement Education For Telehealth will provide clinicians with the skills they need to take their assessment and retraining of movement impairments into the online space. With the COVID 19 pandemic having started a telehealth boom, building the right skillset for online treatment will be essential to thriving in the ‘new normal’. This course offers an excellent jumping off point for clinicians looking to build these skills.

We are committed to making CMS education more accessible to our learners and improving their experience and we will be releasing a variety of e-learning options going forwards. For all the latest updates, sign up to our mailing list or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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