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6th March 2019

"I first went to the physiotherapist Lionel Moolman from Moolman Physiotherapy for recurring sore glutes and back from cycling. He then told me about TPM Active training.

As I am a avid cyclist that trains many hours and competes in races and stage races like the Cape Pioneer, Tankwa Trek and Cape Epic. I was immediately interested and wanted to see if, by doing TPM Active, if I can increase my Performance and decrease injuries.

I did the screening to find out what the areas were that we needed to improve and received a training program to follow, as well as 1 session a week with my physio, Lionel, where he made sure the movement patterns were performed correctly. He challenged me with exercises that increased in difficulty each week. I did this for 6 weeks before doing a Re-screen test.

During these 6 weeks, I also did my base training for my cycling, meaning I did long hours on the bicycle that increased every week. Previous years when I did base training, and the hours got longer, I struggled with injuries like knee, glutes, back, hamstring and quad pain.

I did a total of 83hrs, 1700km during my base training from 1 Dec 2018 – 6 Jan 2019, and felt good training and did not have any injuries like previous years. I could feel the supporting muscles got stronger with the TPM exercises, and that it definitely helped me to ride better for longer and decreased any injuries related to long hours in the saddle.

The Re-screen test showed that I corrected all my risk areas that we worked on. I could also transfer my power or strength better, because I was moving in the correct pattern without any compensatory movements happening while performing my TPM tests, resulting in better performance.

To summarise, TPM Active improved my performance and helped me by preventing recurring injuries. I am doing the maintenance program now to keep up with the improvements I made with TPM active.

I would highly recommend Lionel Moolman as physiotherapist and especially as a TPM Active Movement Specialist."

Thanks for the brilliant review Hanlie, we're extremely happy to see that TPM helped you on your journey!

If you want to see what a TPM Active Movement Specialist can do for you, why not get in touch with one? You can find one by clicking here!


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