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Beate Stindt, one of Kinetic Control Accredited tutors has just completed our Synergy Series in Egypt this week, here are her thoughts:

"What a wonderful 4 days spent exploring Movement Health of the neck and shoulder through muscle synergies and discussing management of recurrence through local muscle synergies. A group of truly committed and enthusiastic and physios!"

It is great to see so many passionate physio's in Egypt exploring movement and finishing the Co-ordination Efficiency and Muscle Synergy Series - one more Masterclass and all attendees will become Kinetic Control Movement Therapists!

Here is what some of the students have said:

  • 'It’s evidence based, a lot of practice''

  • 'Understand, test, teach, retrain every single muscle then synergy of my patients’ body. I know what I am doing'

  • 'Beate is an excellent tutor, very patient, organised. Able to relate all info into clinical practice. This course helped me think different towards my patients with neck and shoulder issues'

  • 'The specificity of patient management critical thinking''

  • 'It's about movement health and exercise therapy. It deals with patient interaction and develop his independence''

  • 'Thank you! Great job by great team from Kinetic Control in collaboration with PrimePhysio'

Ramy Tarek has completed 8 Kinetic Control courses. The Co-ordination and Synergy modules and 2 Masterclasses and will become the first Kinetic Control Movement Therapist is Egypt. Here is what he says about this KC experience:

"Movement Health is not well-known terminology between the anatomical and mechanical complaints, thought of it's outstanding effect. Once I introduced my learnings in the Kinetic Control courses to my treatment program, the results and the maintenance of the results were marvellous. It is our rule as KCMT and physiotherapists to teach every person we can reach the importance of this terminology, and we should understand that our patients shouldn't be continuous clients"

Ramy Tarek with Beate and Tagamo Branch

We are delighted to be working with PrimePhysio to deliver Kinetic Control in Egypt and the Middle East.

Click here to see our course programme and here to find out more about our team.


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