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3rd March 2017

Kinetic Control: An Education in Movement

‘If you manage pain, let’s talk about how we manage movement –there could be a synergy to help all our patients’

Kinetic Control, South Africa is headed up by Jacqueline Swart, owner and lead movement specialist of ‘Manage Movement Centre’ in Pretoria.

Here, she explains the value of Kinetic Control to her clinic, her patients and how she has a vision to share KC’s movement approach with all physios and movement specialists in South Africa.

Jacqueline states, ‘managing movement is key to the future of physiotherapy. We consistently see the importance of movement assessment and retraining to our patient’s recovery, chance of recurrence and quality of life.. The Kinetic Control approach has given our clinic a systematised route to successfully put movement at the heart of each patient’s journey.’

‘There are many excellent clinicians in SA, all doing a great job in dealing with their patients’ pain. The use of movement, alongside these other skills, offers even more ways to do this.

‘We manage movement; if you manage pain, the Kinetic Control process could add something else to your current pain management expertise’

Talking about the Manage Movement Centre, Jacqueline says:

My aim in South Africa is to help therapists realize the benefit in using movement as part of their assessment as well as part of their treatment plan to help their patients improve their quality of life. I have used the Kinetic Control model as well as The Performance Matrix to help my patients move from pain to performance. This is an unique concept that can be used from young to old, from a sedentary person to a professional athlete. Our team of therapists have used the model as part of our back care program,” I Manage My Back”, with huge success. We have not only managed to improve the patient’s symptoms but have also prevented further recurrence as well as improve their quality of life and we have helped them achieve their personal goals.

We have helped professional athletes improve their symptoms as well as retrain them to address their risk for injuries to the point that it has helped them enhance their performance.

We started a Manage Movement Centre in South Africa where our main area of expertise is treating patients with various musculoskeletal disorders as well as sports injuries, preventing injuries/recurrence of injuries and improving overall movement health.

I was also privileged to be part of the research team and co-author of the published paper “Intra and Inter-Rater Reliability of Screening for Movement Impairments. Movement Control tests from The Foundation Matrix. Journal of Sport Science and Medicine.

I am a firm believer in both my mentors’ words: “Managing Movement helps you move better, feel better and do more”

Jacqueline divides her time between running the practice and teaching Kinetic Control.


Pain changes the way you move and movement faults can lead to pain. The brain figures out a way to get past a joint that isn’t functioning the correct way by either altering the movement into another plane or by recruiting different sets of muscles. These compensations become a problem when this altered movement pattern becomes habitual. We exacerbate a movement dysfunction with too much repetition using incorrect form.

We can help you assess and retrain these movement compensations that can present due to pain or be the cause of the pain.

In addition to your manual therapy and pain science education there is movement assessment and retraining as another avenue to improve your clients’ quality of life. It will offer you a structured approach to help you optimize movement health. By implementing Kinetic Control, you will benefit from a system that is clinically proven to produce outstanding results. Comprehensively researched and supported by the latest understanding of movement impairment, you will be able to deliver quicker recovery rates, reduce recurrence of pain and enhance your patients’ quality of life.

This is your opportunity to improve your current clinical practice, as you are guided through our clinical reasoning process and targeted assessment and retraining programme. We can therefor help you optimize your skill in movement management. Our new series of physio courses can quickly and easily be implemented so you benefit immediately from it. By bringing movement optimisation to the forefront of its teaching, Kinetic Control enables you to evaluate and manage movement impairments more effectively. We will help you restore movement control in all of your clients, in ways that you didn’t think possible.

We are really exited to develop the new Kinetic Control and The Performance Matrix in South Africa. Be at the cutting edge of this movement revolution. South Africa is taking Managing Movement into 2017/2018! Don’t miss out and Get Moving!

This year she will be delivering the following training courses:



Here's some fantastic feedback Jacqueline received recently from a KC convert and participant of her courses!

"I have a passion for people and helping them with their pain and getting them functional. Before I started using Kinetic Control there was always something lacking in the management of my patients. When I found Kinetic Control, a new world opened for me. With the movement assessment and rehabilitation, you can treat you patient’s specific needs and you get much better results much quicker. Your patients are very happy with the outcome and due to that you get constant word of mouth marketing, keeping your practice busy."


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