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16th February 2016

Hemakshi Basu, KC Accredited Tutor in India and co-organiser of the Kinetic Control programme in Mumbai feeds back on the recent courses delivered by Mark Comerford on his initial visit to the Academy of Rehab Sciences .

Hemakshi says:
We have had a great course with Mark. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed his course here. He has left all the participants motivated with the urge to learn more about movement impairments. KC created the platform and since then it has been risen so high every year that we are unable to think of anything but Kinetic Control.
Swekha, Sunil and myself had a great time having Mark here and look forward to hosting and organising more Kinetic Control courses in the future.

Mark delivered two level three courses, click on the links below for a look at the course content, learning outcomes and more details of what was was included:

To read a bit more about tutor Mark Comerford go to KC Team page here.

Here's what some of the students had to say:

Thank you for organizing this awesome course which I was wondering to do it or not but I am so glad that I did it and I have only one word for express my feelings about the course ' just phenomenal'. Thank you once again - Vaishali Pawer

Yet again I completed 2 days on training myself with Kinetic Control - solutions on thoracic and rib pain and another intensive 2 days on clinical masterclass for difficult MSK pain and this time it was with MARK!! It was such a brilliant experience to hear Mark breaking some of the most complex concepts into the most simple explanations which would make me wonder and say "oh yea...that's so easy!!"

I would like to thank Mark, Hemakshi, Swekha and Sunil for organizing these wonderful days of understanding the world of MOVEMENTS!! - Sejal Thakkar

Mark, with our Indian team, left to right Sunil, Hemakshi (Mark Centre) Padmanaban and Swekha

Mark demonstrates on a participant during one of the practical sessions

A happy classroom!

There's plenty more happening in India throughout the rest of the year with the India team delivering the new KC courses in Bangalore and Mumbai. Click here to see the full course programme and read more about our tutors

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