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22nd May 2015

This was my first time in Mexico and the first time teaching in English. I have been translated before in Caracas, but to be translated into a non-native language is a much harder task. Quite a challenge I must say, not only for me but also for the translator! Diana Casas made a great job, interpreting this Brazilian's funny English accent, especially because she was way out of her professional area.

It was a last minute invitation for a regular Medicine event which included Physiotherapy lectures for the first time. With the coordination of Ramón Pietro, Óscar Torres, Jorge Carmona and Carlos Moreno, the students really put their passion in action. Estefania Portillo, Alejandro Bolívar, Armando Arreola and Georgina Andujo managed to organise the course with over 60 attendees, they took me to incredible places and fed me with the best food in the region - I could not have asked for better treatment and got very spoiled! Those kids are very special and I’m sure they have a brilliant future ahead.

In September, I will return to Mexico for more lectures, workshops and courses, but in the south, in Puebla city, for the 3rd International Physiotherapy Congress

( that will be hosted by the IPETH University on the 24th, 25th and the 26th. Following the Congress, the new KC model courses will be hosted by Helse Edu ( still in Puebla from 27th to 30th.

By then I hope to get my Spanish up to scratch to be able to return all the kindness they showed me on this trip :D

The Lecture Theatre

Pablo with KCs Mexican colleagues


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