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20th August 2018

The journey of Kinetic Control in India started in the February 2011 when Sarah first delivered a 5-day course in Mumbai. Both Sarah or Mark have returned each year and have delivered the modular course system for improving movement efficiency of the neck and shoulder, low back and hip to more focussed masterclasses on the lower leg, thoracic spine and ribs, elbow forearm and hand, myofascial trigger points, clinical masterclass and sacro-iliac joint.

Sarah has enjoyed four visits to India and Mark, two. Both loved the hospitality from course organisers Hemakshi Basu and Sunil Rajpal from the Academy of Rehab Science.

Mark Comerford with Sunil Rajpal, Hemakshi Basu, Padmanaban Sekaran and Swekha Mehta and with Sarah

Padmanaban Sekaran joined the tutor team in 2011 and is now one of our Senior Tutors. Padmanaban has delivered courses in Bangalore, Chennai, Calicut, Cochin, Pondicherry, Hyderabad, Surat, Pune, New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Malappuram. Padmanaban courses are always well received and he has a passion for using movement as a clinical solution. He has a full programme coming up in 2019 and all details will be listed here.

Hemakshi Basu and Swekha Mehta have joined Padmanaban as Kinetic Control Accredited Tutors and have delivered an extensive series of courses in Mumbai and will be taking KC to all corners of India in coming years.

What’s more is we have 18 Kinetic Control Movement Therapists in India now – KC the clinical solutions.


Jacqueline Swart will be visiting Mumbai in February 2019.

Masterclass: Clinical expertise in connecting patterns, patients and presentation with a focus on Movement Health

International conference presenter Jacqueline Swart will deliver a 2-day masterclass sharing her clinical excellence in the use of movement assessment and retraining to tackle complex clinical cases. As one of Kinetic Control’s Senior Tutors, Jacqueline has a vast amount of experience working with a large range of clients and is considered one of the most skilled clinicians within the team. This masterclass will challenge and develop clinicians’ skills and expand perspectives on the value of movement in the management of pain, recurrence and compromised function.

2. February 2019 Padmanaban Sekaran and Hemakshi Basu will at the Medinspire Conference Multidisciplinary International Conference.

More masterclasses are in the pipe line.


Thank you Hemakshi. I did the Kinetic Control Lumbar and hip co-ordination module. It was a very good simplified course and a nice manual. The new teaching method was very useful. I really enjoyed and understood the concept well. I am looking forward to doing more courses (MS)

Thank you, for a very informative and thought-provoking course. It was presented in an extremely orderly and simple fashion. Hemakshi and Swekha you both have an in-depth knowledge of the course, it made it easy for us to understand this new concept. I could use the techniques for patient evaluation and treatment the very next day! Looking forward to the next level (SP)

Yet again I completed 2 days on training myself with Kinetic Control - solutions on thoracic and rib pain and another intensive 2 days on clinical masterclass for difficult MSK pain and this time it was with Mark, breaking some of the most complex concepts into the most simple explanations which would make me wonder and say oh yea...that's so easy!!" I would like to thank Mark, Hemakshi, Swekha and Sunil for organizing these wonderful days of understanding the world of MOVEMENTS! (SJ)

Thank you for organising this awesome course which I was wondering to do it or not but I am so glad that I did it and I have only one word for express my feelings about the course ' just phenomenal'

Thank u once again (VP)

Best aspect of the course “The new Science, Clinical Application and Tutor’s ability to make a complex information very clear and easy to understand”

Padmanaban Sekaran at Sparsh Hosptial Bangalore


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